Information Transfer

For each subject we feel may be of interest to our present or potential new clients we prepare a short "note" (see fig. 1) with a reference to the source of information, a short summary with focus on the applied aspects and a reference to a paper, article, report, thesis, patent etc.

Fig 1  English translation of a "Note"

The "notes" are collected in a database.  Through quarterly visits to our clients, they are presented to new "notes" relevant for them and the notes are discussed during the meeting.  The client may take a direct approach to our source of information or may request a copy of the paper, article etc. which we refer to

Utilising our database we can search for information on a specific subject being of interest to one or more of our clients.

On occasion there may be a requirement for a broader discussion, in these cases we offer to arrange a meeting with the involved partners, which typically include the research partner and one or more other clients, which have a common interest in the same subject.

The outcome of such a meeting can result in us being asked to prepare a project plan in co-operation with the potential partners and an application for economical support to the proposed project.  For projects with several partners we can be asked to act as a co-ordinator.

Our clients are Danish companies and organisations supplying equipment and services to the agricultural industry.  It is a relatively small circle of companies and organisations involved in different sectors of agriculture, therefore we do not have direct competitors in our group of clients, as we try to have clients who can supplement each other.